About us

My Family Emergency Services is a 28 years old information, identification, and notification company who provide professional emergency ID cards, ID tags, Brass Whistles  and a 24 hours a day notification hot-line that allows us to notify family members and friends, chosen by our members to be contacted if they are ever in an emergency situation. MFES also has other products to enhance your disaster preparedness plan.

​My Family Emergency Services was established in 1991 by our President/CEO, Leon C. Seabrooks, Sr, who is a veteran all lines insurance adjuster, as well as a military veteran. Our President has traveled throughout the US Helping insurance companies, help their policyholders by putting their lives back together after major disasters. We have seen families at the worst times of their lives. Families needs professional help preparing for emergencies and disasters. Please review all the services we offer to put together your disaster preparedness plan.



​Our number one goal is to prepare each individual, family, and community throughout the country by offering our state of the art emergency membership program. Our mission also includes providing each family with our state of the art ID cards, ID tags, brass whistles and our 24 hours a day notification hotline.

Will You Be Prepared?
What would you give to have a second chance to change an event in your life that you could have prevented? We all know the answer to this question – it would be priceless.

  • Did you know over 2300 children are reported missing each day in the US alone, and thousands of others around the world?
  • Did you know there were over 6 millions vehicles accidents in the US last year?
  • Did you know disasters have increased over 66% since 1967?

Now with these statistics alone, do you not believe you need to join our membership program today?

We Are Prepared To Assist You
So many families have returned home to find their lives turned upset down due to the recent disasters. Many have asked, what can you tell a family who has lost everything? Here at My Family Emergency Services we say; have faith, hold on to your loved ones, rebuild your property, and give us the opportunity to serve you by allowing us to prepare your entire family for the unknown.

Prepare Today
For those you who do not understand the power of having a solid disaster preparedness plan, please pay closer attention to your local or national news after an emergency or disaster. Pay attention to the hurt on families who loved ones sustained injuries or didn’t survive. We  ask that you join as soon as possible because it could be you or a loved one. The most powerful tool we have as humans is our ability to prepare ourselves for emergencies and disasters. We have the expertise, experience, and ability to help you with your disaster preparedness program. Please click on our shop link on our home page and join today.  You may join our preparedness program or purchase items separately by reviewing the other products.