MFES is looking for men and women who will reach out to non-profit organizations and individuals who are looking for a great opportunity to help prepare families in your community. Through this initiative, each organization and their members will have access to our emergency services.  This includes our state of the art emergency ID cards, ID tags, brass whistles, Nokero solar light lights and our 24 hour a day emergency notification call center that is set up to receive calls from first res-ponders and MFES members who have been separated due to an emergency.

We are especially looking for organizations that will help us get sponsor ships for kids 18 years of age and under, and senior citizens 65 years of age and over. Organizations that join MFES will be compensated by sharing 25% of the profits for getting businesses and individuals to pay for the memberships. Each time you help us sign up an organization or individual, you will receive 10% of the business volume that the new Associates bring in each month. 

Business and fundraising compensation plan

1. $3,700.00 25%                                                                              $925.00 PER MONTH
2. $44,400.00 per year @ 25%                                                              $11,100.00 PER YEAR

B. EXAMPLE 2: YOUR ORGANIZATION: YOU ASSIST US BY SIGNING UP 20 NEW ASSOCIATES, WHO SIGNS UP 100   MEMBERSHIP PER MONTH  = 2000   MEMBERSHIP EACH MONTH.  2000 X 37.00 EACH. X 100= 2,000 NEW MEMBERS X $37.00 EACH1. $74,000.00 GROUP TOTAL @ 10%  COMMISSION                                               $  7,400.00 PER MONTH
2. $888,000.00 PER YEAR @ 10%  COMMISSION                                                  $88,800.00 PER YEAR

C. POTENTIAL EARNINGS FOR THE FIRST YEAR                                              $99,900.00 YEARLY

State of the art emergency identification

Our goal is to provide every family member with the proper emergency tools, which will increase their chances of survival if they are every faced with an emergency or disaster situation. Our emergency ID Cards, ID tags, Brass whistles and 24 hours a day emergency notification hotline will prepare families for any peril they may face. These tools will assist medical res-ponders by identifying the victims. This will also allow MFES to notify up to 3 people who the member has chosen for us to contact if they are in an emergency in which they can’t speak for themselves.

Who will speak for you when you can't?

Our system provides the following benefits in the case of an emergency:
Each emergency ID is designed to help when families are faced with an emergency medical situation in which they can’t speak for themselves to Medical Res-ponders and Police Officers. When time is a factor, emergency identification will be in place. All our emergency IDs for full memberships has our 855 numbers to our emergency notification hotline. Our ID cards and tags for non-members have our family members contact numbers to family and friends.

What is the cost of being prepared?

Our disaster membership program is a yearly program that’s afforded and valuable. We have a package to fit any family’s budget. The cost for each Emergency membership packages and non-members are as follows:
FULL MEMBERSHIPS                                     NON-MEMBERS

1.(1) $35.00 per year, per adult               (1) $25.00 per year, per adult

2.(2) $37.00 per year, per child               (2) $27.00 per year, per child

3.(3) $25.00 per year, per pet                   (3) $15.00 per year, per pet

(a) Photo ID cards                                             (a) Photo ID cards
(b) ID tags                                                           (b) ID tags
(c) Brass whistle                                                (c) Brass Whistle             
(d) Emergency notification hotline is for full memberships only

Why was mfes created?

1. Last year there were over 6 million vehicle accidents in the US alone, which caused the death of over 47,000 people.
2. Each day in the US over 2300 children are reported missing.
3. Every 8 seconds a female is raped.
4. Every 14.8 seconds a home or business is burglarized.
5. The number one cause of death for kids from 15 to 24 years of age are car accidents.
6. Thousands of deaths each year is caused by doctors error due to lack of medical information. 

Become a member today and let us be your bridge over trouble water

MFES has been helping families prepare for emergencies and disasters since 2007. One of the most powerful tool we have as human beings is the ability to prepare for the unknown.
When we leave the comfort of our homes no one really knows us, and therefore each family need the tools we use to be prepared 24/7.

Now is the time to join. Please go to our website at and click on the service link or for additional information send us an email at info@mfes.netThe Weather Channel says “It could happen tomorrow”. MFES say “It could happen today”.