This Mutual Agreement is signed on _____________________ between (My Family Emergency Services), with its principal place of business located at 418 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401 the company __________________________________  (the consultant), at the address  ______________________________________________.

  1. In the course of their professional interaction, the both companies will come in contact with the other parties Client(s) and/or Agent(s), their hiring managers or references. Both parties agree that without prior written consent of, they shall not directly or indirectly contact or solicit any of these managers or agents or references for contracts / projects / jobs, that may harm the business prospects of either party, 24 months from the date of this Agreement or 24 months following the last date of their services at the Client(s) / Agent(s), whichever is later.

The both parties ensures that they shall not divulge to any third-party company / organization / individual, or misuse any proprietary or confidential information that he/she may come across during interviewing or executing any project for either party’ and/or its Client(s).
Both parties understand that in the event that they are selected to work for any contract project of either party, such contract will be at the will of both parties.The consultant understands that neither party is in no way responsible for any of his / her previous service bonds or agreements with any former employer(s) or agencies or organization(s).Breach of this agreement shall be remedied by the violating party paying to the offended party, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, an amount equivalent to 33% of all revenues or income received in connection with this breach.Violating party shall indemnify the violated party for all costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred because of their breach of this agreement.

The Non-disclosure Agreement form