My Family Emergency Services Associate Agreement Form

Applicant’s Name:__________________________________________SSN-last 4/Tax ID Number:____________________________
Head Official: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Organization:_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address:____________________________________City:____________________________ST:______Zip:___________________
Home Tel:_________________________________________Bus:_________________Fax:_____________E:mail:___________________
Independent Associate Agreement: (1) I agree and understand as an associate I understand this is not a franchise, nor am I an employee of M.F.E.S. or its subsidiaries. (2) I agree and understand as an independent Associate of M.F.E.S. I am responsible for paying the proper fees for each new member I sign up to the emergency services program. (3) I agree as an associate of M.F.E.S. I am responsible for getting a business license, and a back-ground check. (4) I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of M.F.E.S. (5) I agree that M.F.E.S. is not responsible for any misleading marketing or statement made to any associate or member. (6) I agree to abide by all Federal, State, county, and local laws pertaining to any marketing of the company’s products including taxes due, and payable to any of the aforementioned. (7) I agree to follow all of M.F.E.S. policies and procedures. (8) I under penalties of perjury certify that my SSN# or tax ID exempt numbers are correct to the best of my knowledge. (9) I agree I nor any of my associates in business or organization may start another emergency company similar to M.F.E.S., any place in the world within the next 10 years without written permission from M.F.E.S. President and CEO. (10) I understand that M.F.E.S. reserves the rights to dismiss any associate without any refund for misrepresentation, misconduct, or giving away any company secrets or materials. (11) I agree and understand that I am responsible for any person (s) in my company or organization, to include law suits for them sharing company information with people not in M.F.E.S. organization. (12) I understand as an associate, I have M.F.E.S. permission to use their name and logo on all correspondences, and advertisements showing me as an independent associate. (13) I understand any advertisement other than those given by M.F.E.S. must be pre-approved. (14) I understand that there are no territory rights to offer M.F.E.S. services nationwide. (15) I agree to assist each new member regardless of race, creed, religious belief, customs, sex, or handicaps. (16) I agree and understand that I am entitled to purchase my associate fee each year in M.F.E.S. for $35.00 a year as long as I am an associate in good standing with M.F.E.S. (17) I understand I am required to purchase (1) adult membership for myself at $35.00 and (1) children membership at $37.00 to become a full associate of M.F.E.S. for a total amount of $72.00(18) I agree the commission on services provided by M.F.E.S. is: 25% of business personal points on each membership. (19) I agree and understand if I have a spouse he/she can be added to my membership for $25.00 (20) I understand that I may transfer my associate ship to a spouse by submitting a written notarized request to M.F.E.S. for approval. (21) I understand I am entitled to 10% of the business point made by any associates or non-profit organizations, I sign up as an associate to M.F.E.S. The 10% is based on business volume and paid once a month, and order for me to qualify for the group business points bonus, I have maintained sales of 50 memberships per month. (22)  I agree to appoint an heir to my associate-ship, and M.F.E.S. will be notified by an appointee of my estate with legal paperwork to transfer ownership to my appointed heir.  My heirs are also subject to the same policies and procedures as I am if they decide to continue as an associate.  
New Associate Signature:____________________________________Date:_________________Amount paid:______________
I understand and agree by signing this agreement that I am in my right mind, and everything is correct to the best of my knowledge.
Sponsor’s name:______________________________________________________Associate’s number: _____________________


Guidelines for associates who has accepted the responsibilities to become an associate for MFES. We expect all Associates to be honest and willing to assist any new members or associate regardless of race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, and nationality.
1. All associates and all their representatives are independent contractors, and do not hold a franchise nor distributorship from MFES.
2. No associate has the right nor authorization to waive, change, or modify our services in any way. Furthermore, no modification of any service is binding upon MFES, unless authorized in writing at the home office.
3. Only advertisement that’s pre-printed pre-approved, and official advertising material may be used in the sale of our services. All associate must purchase supplies and marketing materials directly from MFES. If an associate wishes to return supplies, and marketing materials for refund, he/she must return all items un-used within 15 working days of purchase date.
4. An associate may transfer their associate ship to another person or group, but must be approved by MFES.
5. MFES may terminate any associate if the associate has been found to be guilty of a serious crime or infraction against MFES after an investigation has been proved the associate is in violation of the law or in violation of company policies.
6. An associate may resign at any time or decide not to work the business.
7. The following actions by an associate or its business partners will be groups for having the associate lose his/her association without refund or associate fees.
(a)  Revealing trade secrets, including the names of any associate.
(b) Immediately by MFES with just cause, including but not limited to misrepresentation of the company name, violation of any MFES policy, procedures, soliciting membership by using the names of Associates without permission.
(C)  Making service claims contrary to MFES literature, proselytizing MFES associate into any other organization, or submitting fraudulent applications.
8. MFES reserves the rights at any time to no longer accept new associates and adjust or change any marketing plan and inventive program at any time without notice.
9. I understand and agree to abide by all the policies and procedures of MFES.

Associate Agreement form

Electronic Transmission: In the event that the above agreement will be transmitted between parties electronically, and that a written signature proves to be unattainable, a copy of the above form, with the recipient’s name, title, and date filled in the appropriate locations, and sent to the originator via the recipient’s email address will serve in lieu of a written signature.